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Wellcome to Nurmela Ranch!

The ranch has been established on 1920′s. Owned and operated by the 4th generation Antti and Seija Kujala with their 3 boys, Anthony, Lauri and Armas. The ranch covers total 300 hectares.

We breed high guality beef cattle. We have 2 breeds; the main breed is registered purebreed Hereford cattle along side the commercial cattle.
We presently calve about 65-70 cows annually. The calves are reared naturally on their mothers.
We have 3 breeding bulls. The total amount of the cattle is 150 – 200 heads depending on the season.
We raise the bulls to the slaughterhouse. The best of the heifers remain in the farm as suckler cows as the rest is sold at the age of 6 months.

During the summertime the cows are grazing on the pastures with the calves and breeding bulls in 3 different herds. In the wintertime they are held free on the farmyard and fed by silage hay collected mostly from our own farm.

Our current focus is on our polled herefords.
We place great emphasis on strong maternal traits, calving ease, proper structure, good feet. Including temperament, correct udders and milk productionare all also very important criteria as we select our own herd.

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